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About us

Extreme is a company for people with passion, we are a manufacturer of Fenix Endurance Saddle equestrian equipment and equestrian articles from Biothane. We are direct representatives of Burioni, LAS, Odlo, Skins, HG Sport and many others ...
Fenix ​​- a company producing saddles mainly for horse endurance competitors. But to our surprise, also riders, not related to this discipline, buy our products. Our goal was to create a saddle that is light, durable, resistant to weather conditions and easy to maintain. And above all, horse-friendly. A growing number of interested people indicate that this was the right path. We try to create a community of people who use Fenix ​​saddles. We are in constant contact with them both during the saddle design process and during its use. We gave our clients the opportunity to personalize their saddles. The saddles are entirely handmade, which gives us many opportunities for change and individualisation.
Skins - the first company to start producing compression garments. It was established in Australia over 20 years ago. In our opinion, the company that best explored the players' expectations. Compression by Skins is really compression, not an empty name. Very good workmanship and fantastic quality of the clothing contributed to the decision to become its distributor in Poland.
Odlo - another clothing brand of which we are the official distributor. The brand is largely associated with winter sports, and it also produces summer products of great quality.
LAS Helmets- a company that produces helmets. A very well-known and respected brand. In this company, we are convinced by the quality-price ratio.
Tifosi - is a company that produces glasses, both sports and leisure. It's like combining the best features of companies such as Oakleyi Rudy Project. Another fantastic product with an affordable price.
HG Sport- is a Spanish company that produces very interesting running and equestrian clothing.
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