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SKINS DNAmic womens top short sleeve


Skins clothing was created for special tasks

Skins is an Australian brand specializing in designing sports clothes based on compression. By introducing appropriate tension and pressure zones, compression shirts, bands and compression socks and all other products of this company will provide optimal support for the athlete's muscles, guaranteeing better performance and faster regeneration.

It is not without reason that Skins compression clothing is used by professionals from many disciplines, including giants of such sports as: football, Australian football or rugby, i.e. areas where proper muscle support is a key issue.

Compression makes a difference!

Skins compression garments are products of the highest quality, which were created in cooperation with doctors, physiotherapists and specialists in sports medicine. Using a number of innovative technologies, Australians from Skins propose several collections designed to opt for effort and regeneration during training and competition.

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